Martin Letzter
Climbing & Mountaineering, Skiing

Martin is an experienced ski mountaineer with multiple high altitude climbing and skiing expeditions to the Himalayas, Andes, Alaska, Yukon, and Antarctica. He loves traveling to exotic locations and has taken sking to places such as Uzbekistan, Uganda, Greenland, Jan Mayen, New Guinea, Turkey and Pakistan.

In addition, he is the first person to have skied the Seven Summits, has carried out a 700 km ski traverse of Spitsbergen in alpine touring gear, raced the North African Touareg Desert Rally and holds the race record in the Tanzanian Ngalawa Cup (a traditional African offshore sailing race). 

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden - he currently lives in Norway where he is CEO of SkiStar's Hemsedal alpine skiing resort.

Jan Mayen är fuktigt och kläderna blir ofta isbelagda.