Erika Rosenbaum
Health & Fitness

I am an avid runner and triathlete with a focus on achieving long-term results. As a coach, I train individuals or teams who want to achieve highly set goals, a healthier lifestyle, and a body in balance. I often hold lectures and courses on how to achieve a healthy balance in everyday life and nutrition.

During the years, I have helped many to achieve a better lifestyle and for a time was the anchor for the tv-show Extreme Makeover, Weight Loss Edition in Sweden. Being passionate about the outdoors and triathlete, back in 2012 I named the now widely established competitive form: Swimrun. Apart from Swimruns, my personal goals with my training are to increase speed on the bike and increase my running distances per week in order to build my body for ultra running distances.

Privately, I live the suburban life in west of Stockholm with my husband and four kids.